First off can I just saw how happy I am to see that you have come across Your Village YYC. This community is my deepest passion project, apart from my family. Let's just say your like my extended family. 


My name is Sarah and am a wife and mother like many of you. I have been married to my university sweetheart for almost 10 years now and am an avid dog lover (esp. my own little Yorkie Lucy). My two girls, Sophia & Emery keep me on my toes all day long and continue to be my greatest learning curve. I come alive when I am creating deep, fulfilling connection in relationships with other moms in this community & get to exercise my entrepreneruial muscles.


My heart is for people but most specifically moms, moms just like you! I volunteer and lead a Mom's Group here in the city of Calgary, through our local church family. Being apart of a group that has modelled and fostered vulnerability and deeper connections has truly changed my outlook on motherhood and relational freedom.


I understand that in this season of life we are all extremely busy, often overwelmed and can feel alone in the process of it all. But I whole heartedly believe most days don't have to feel like that. So often we are trying our very best to soak in every little moment  with our babies, but in the midst of it we forget ourselves. I am a huge advocate for friendships that rally, support and offer that safe place to be yourself- the beautiful and messy side. I love lifting moms up in practical ways, weither that be dropping of a hot meal, listening to you while you cry or vent or encouraging my mompreneur friends chase their dreams while teaching them how.  


We desperately need more moms & women showing up for eachother in the midst of motherhood instead of on the outskirts. This is an amazing community and a crazy fun ride to be on and there is a seat only you fill. 


So thankful you are here! 


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